Admission Criteria

The Patient Must:

1. Be sufficiently medically stable to allow safe participation in an acute rehabilitation program.

2. Require medical supervision by a licensed physician who has specialized training and experience in medical rehabilitation.

3. Demonstrate, while in the acute care hospital, both the need for and the potential benefit from acute rehabilitation.

4. Require the active and ongoing intervention of multiple therapy disciplines, one of which must be physical or occupational therapy.

5. Require rehabilitation program that generally consists of at least three hours of therapy per day, five days per week. Based on the pre-admission assessment, a patient’s program may be modified to 15 hours of therapy over seven days, if warranted.

6. Require a coordinated interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation.

7. The patient requires 24 hours per day specialized rehabilitation nursing care and oversight.

A three-day acute hospitalization is not required to be admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital.

A pre-admission screening is required to determine if the individual meets the criteria for admission to our hospitals. Referring physicians are asked to provide us with a patient’s medical records and insurance information. Our clinical liaisons will work closely with you to facilitate admission and a smooth transition to our hospitals.